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Make A Zombie Android

→ 16 December 2011

After long nights in the office, lots of testing and way too much caffeine and cheap fast food we are proud to present to all you potential zombie creators out there: Make A Zombie for your Android device!

We hope you will enjoy many hours of zombie madness on your Android device! As usual, this app is free of charge and if you expierence any kind of problems with the app, simply let us know.

Make An Animal 1.2 now live!

→ 14 December 2011

It took some time, but our expedition team returned from its’ quest to find new animals for your laboratory – they were able to catch one furry fellow! (Scientists are not very good at capturing or trapping anything…) After researching every inch of it, we can finally use it to populate the earth with even crazier newly-created animals!

Dear colleagues and mad scientists, we present to you this brand new animal: the skunk!

We also threw in a brand new laboratory for you, since we still got some funds we had to spend before the end of the year! We hope you will enjoy it. (Please refrain from warming up your instant meals with the new laser heater.)

Hide your kids, hide your wife and put on your best labcoat: It’s about to get crazy!

Get Make An Animal now for free for your iPhone and iPad!

HoHoHo! Make A Zombie and the Winter Christmas Pack!

→ 25 November 2011

HoHoHo! Make A Zombie 1.8 and the Winter Christmas Pack are here!

Do you love christmas and your friends? Make a christmas zombie, an elf or a snowman and send them as christmas greetings! Is your favorite thing of this season to hate christmas and hate all friends for loving it? Always wanted to be a grinch? No problem! Why not build the “Evil Santa” and let him ruin christmas for everyone!

And if you help spread the zombie infection, Evil Santa might lay some brains under your christmas tree! 🙂

Haven’t got Make A Zombie for free yet? No problem: Get it for Mac or iPhone / iPad and create your very own zombie!

How to make a zombie…

→ 18 November 2011

Since the dawn of zombies, mankind was searching for the best way to create zombies in an easy and convienient way. We at Skunk Brothers worked day and night to create an elegant solution for your iPhone / iPad and set the standard for the comfortable creation of a personal zombie army.

Now your favorite zombie creation app is available for your Mac with all it’s bloody zombie goodness! Of course with bigger graphics, so you see every detail of your personal zombie, even on a 27 inch Mac display!

So what are you waiting for? Get it now on the Mac App Store while it’s still fresh and bloody!

Make A Zombie 1.7 & Skunk Store

→ 6 November 2011

Hello you fellow zombie fans! Make A Zombie 1.7 is now online and brings you a lot of new exciting content like the Action Pack and also an awesome feature to you:

Order your zombie!

Too long, your zombies were trapped in the digital world on your devices only. Now their time has come to populate the real world with! You can now order your very own zombie on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers and even get a plastic cutout statue for your desk! We ship them to every country!

Simply create your zombie and tap “Order your zombie” within the app to open up the store – now your can create a real zombie army! What are you waiting for? Get Make A Zombie now!

For all you Skunk Brothers / Make A Zombie fans out there: We produly present our new products in our brand new Skunk Store!!

Get the stylish and sleek Skunk Brothers shirts or one of our iPhone / iPad / iPod cases, exclusively in the Skunk Store!

Make A Zombie with the super scary Halloween Pack

→ 7 October 2011

Soon it is this special holiday when we go trick-or-treating, attend costume parties or carve jack-o’-lanterns. Make A Zombie 1.6 brings you and your friends in the right mood for this scary holiday with the new Halloween Pack: Put a jack-o’-lantern on your zombies hat, set the proper horror scene with super scary backgrounds or make your own zombie scarecrow! So make sure to update Make A Zombie today and check it out!

We also added the Skunk Panel: a new and easy way to get in touch with us and get access to other free awesome apps! Just tap the Skunk Brothers Logo on the first screen to open it! If you enjoy our free app Make A Zombie, remember to rate it in the App Store!

If you missed the last update, make sure to check out Costume pack to dress up your zombie as Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, a crazy mummy or your own costume creation with lots of cool stuff for your zombies costume party!

Get your zombies ready for any costume party!

→ 17 September 2011

Do you love ninjas? Have you seen every Dracula movie ever made? Do you think a costume thursday would be even cooler than a casual friday? Have you ever wondered how a combination of a mummy and Frankenstein’s monster would look like? Would you like to dress up zombies in the weirdest ways possible? Ever wanted to know what a cartoon version of yourself as a zombie would look like?

If you can answer one of these questions with a yes, a maybe or thought about anything but pink unicorns while reading the text above, you should definitely check out the newest version of Make A Zombie with it’s new Costume pack!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

→ 2 September 2011

It’s Dima, our Android guy – and he just finished Congas for Android, which is now available for free!

Since Dima does not need any sleep, food or social interaction in any form, he also finished updates for Belly Jam, Bongos and Kung Fu Sounds which adress some bugs and increase performance as well as their awesomeness.

They are all free as well, since he is paid solely in Jelly Beans (and we locked him up in our basement)! So make sure to check them out!

Belly Jam for Android!

→ 20 August 2011

While one skunk conquers the sea some other skunks have crafted night and day, consuming endless amounts of energy drinks and cat pictures while carefully studying our own bellies, to present you our newest app Belly Jam for Android devices.
Make sure to check it out in the Android Market!

Great News Everyone!

→ 12 July 2011

When we two crazy geeks met for the first time at school, we had no idea, what was lying ahead of us: Crazy projects non stop! Organizing several LAN parties, producing our own podcast, developing of apps and now the founding of an independent development studio. How could we have known?

Ladies and gentlemen … we proudly present: Skunk Brothers GmbH!

To celebrate this event accordingly, we have been working day and night to update everything: our homepage (as you might have noticed by now), our apps, Twitter and even our Facebook Fanpage! And you can celebrate with us: You can download all of our apps for free and we would love to get some feedback from you! 🙂

To celebrate this event, our game Sheep Cannon is now for free for you to download in the App Store. Compete with others via Game Center and find out how far sheeps can fly on your iPhone or iPad!

We would like to use this opportunity, to thank you all for your constant support, feedback and promotion; helping us to reach this point. THANK YOU!

We are looking forward to an exciting future and we hope you will accompany us there!

Your Skunk Brothers