Make A Zombie 1.7 & Skunk Store

→ 6 November 2011

Hello you fellow zombie fans! Make A Zombie 1.7 is now online and brings you a lot of new exciting content like the Action Pack and also an awesome feature to you:

Order your zombie!

Too long, your zombies were trapped in the digital world on your devices only. Now their time has come to populate the real world with! You can now order your very own zombie on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers and even get a plastic cutout statue for your desk! We ship them to every country!

Simply create your zombie and tap “Order your zombie” within the app to open up the store – now your can create a real zombie army! What are you waiting for? Get Make A Zombie now!

For all you Skunk Brothers / Make A Zombie fans out there: We produly present our new products in our brand new Skunk Store!!

Get the stylish and sleek Skunk Brothers shirts or one of our iPhone / iPad / iPod cases, exclusively in the Skunk Store!