So many news!

2 February 2012 Company Release
Hey guys and gals!

While we are still trying to write the correct year in the dates, there have been some interesting developments within the last month, that we would love to share with you:

  • Thanks to you, Make A Zombie got the third place in the category “Best Toy App” of the Best App Ever Awards 2011! Thanks for all of you who voted and supported us – you are the best!
  • Our new and free app for the iPhone & iPad iDeath with the most accurate prediction technology is now available in the App Store and is demanding to be downloaded by you! What are your waiting for? Are you afraid to know your future? 😀
  • We are happy to anounce to be a sponsor of the TUfast ecoTeam that will participate in the Shell Eco Challenge this year! 🙂
  • We are currently working on a brand new and super secret game and we will start sharing more information & media during the next weeks! For now, let’s just say it will be awesome & crazy! 😀

So visit us the upcoming weeks for more information or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop!