Sheep away!

→ 1 August 2012

Hey, quick update you guys! We are currently awaiting Review from Apple for our upcoming new game – it takes a bit longer than expected, but thanks to them, we were able to fix some issues you won’t run into. Anyway, we haven’t been lazy in the meantime! 🙂

With the help of our new team member Ferdi, we completely reworked our game Sheep Cannon with all new physics, graphics, new music and support for Android devices! Check out our new trailer:

So why not give it a try? It’s free!

Also, we are no longer translating our blog posts into German, so we can more easily keep you in the loop and give you more insights into our development! 🙂

Make A Zombie Android

→ 16 December 2011

After long nights in the office, lots of testing and way too much caffeine and cheap fast food we are proud to present to all you potential zombie creators out there: Make A Zombie for your Android device!

We hope you will enjoy many hours of zombie madness on your Android device! As usual, this app is free of charge and if you expierence any kind of problems with the app, simply let us know.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

→ 2 September 2011

It’s Dima, our Android guy – and he just finished Congas for Android, which is now available for free!

Since Dima does not need any sleep, food or social interaction in any form, he also finished updates for Belly Jam, Bongos and Kung Fu Sounds which adress some bugs and increase performance as well as their awesomeness.

They are all free as well, since he is paid solely in Jelly Beans (and we locked him up in our basement)! So make sure to check them out!

Belly Jam for Android!

→ 20 August 2011

While one skunk conquers the sea some other skunks have crafted night and day, consuming endless amounts of energy drinks and cat pictures while carefully studying our own bellies, to present you our newest app Belly Jam for Android devices.
Make sure to check it out in the Android Market!