Easy Xylophone

Simple and straightforward: Easy Xylophone lets you play this beautiful instrument on your iPhone and iPad at any time! These 11 pure high quality sounds will make you forget that this is just an app on your iPhone!

If you are a professional musician, want to become a one or just want to play your favorite melodies for fun: you should get this app!


A complete xylophone with 11 high quality notes
Supports multitouch & sliding between bars
Professionally recorded & mastered sounds
No latency for fast and exact playing!
Optimized for iPhone / iPad speakers, headphones and external speakers
Supports multitasking: Play along with your own music (>iOS 4.0)
HD Retina Graphics for iPhone 4
2 Apps in 1: Universal App for iPhone AND iPad

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Easy Xylophone is free for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

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