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Air Drums

A new and fun way to play the drums on your iPhone & iPad: Air Drums! uses the movement of your device to play sounds, making it easy to play cool beats.

Belly Jam

Admit it: You’ve always wanted to play on a nice and round belly! Don’t worry, Belly Jam is now available: Download it today for free(!) and start rocking this belly with 16 high quality slapping sounds on the iPad and iPhone.

Board Game Tools

Are you missing some dices? Have you lost your hourglass? No paper or pencil around to note your scores? Is your voice already hoarse from imitating the buzzer? Are you too distracted to keep track who is having the next turn?

Bottle Xylophone

Always wanted to play a bottle xylophone? Never had the motivation to build one yourself? Now you don’t have to: Bottle Xylophone brings the fun of playing music on bottles filled with water to your iPhone & iPad!


The ultimate Bongos for your iPhone and iPad 18 with professionally recorded and mastered sounds: Depending where you hit the bongos sounds varies!


It doesn’t matter if you are a professional musician, want to become one or just want to drum for fun – you should get this app!


Find out when and how your life will meet it’s inevitable end with iDeath.
Can you handle it?

Easy Xylophone

Simple and straightforward: Easy Xylophone lets you play this beautiful instrument on your iPhone and iPad at any time! These 11 pure high quality sounds will make you forget that this is just an app on your iPhone or iPad!

Make An Animal

Always wanted to know what happens if you cross a lion with a cow and add a little bit of monkey? Well, now you can find out! Create your very own animal, no matter how crazy!

Kung Fu Sounds

It’s time for some serious Kung Fu action! Go crazy with 20 of the finest Kung Fu fighting sounds you can get! Smash some buttons or swing your iPhone around for the ultimate Kung Fu experience.

Make A Zombie

Get in the zombie mood and create your own little zombie army with millions of possible combinations!It’s free, it’s crazy and it it’s by far the funniest Zombie generator on the iTunes App Store!

Sheep Cannon

Sheep-shearing is boring? Try sheep-blasting! How far can you go? Adjust the cannon and press button and watch the sheep take off! 

Try to get as far as you can with helpful items along the way like the trampoline, parachuting bombs or dynamite in barrels. But watch out for these deadly spikes lying around!

White Noise Box

White Noise Box features all of kinds of quality noise samples, helping you sleep, reduce stress, increase privacy, mask your tinitus, increase your concentration or simply block distractions. This application features high fidelity white, red (brown), violet, pink and blue noise loops, as well as various nature sounds.