Make A Zombie

Get in the zombie mood and create your own little zombie army with millions of possible combinations!
It’s free, it’s crazy and it it’s by far the funniest Zombie generator for your iPhone / iPad, your Mac or Android!

“This app has not much purpose. Other than to let you customise a little zombie dude. It’s just totally stupid and pointless and silly. But so help me, I just can’t stop creating zombies! It’s too funny and weird and crazy I love it!” – by tmonine


Choose from the included backgrounds, bodies, clothes, eyes, hairstyles, heads, pair of legs and mouths to create your very own zombie!

Create literally millions and millions of unique zombies and unleash them by email, share them on Twitter or Facebook or save them to your disk – directly from the app!

Add even more awesome parts and items and support ‘Make A Zombie’ with the beautifully designed integrated zombie store.

Regular updates with free parts for even more crazy zombies.

Use integrated AirPrint (iOS) to print your creations and let the zombies loose in the real world!

Make sure to leave a comment with your ideas and wishes for future zombie packs in your review!

HD Retina Graphics for iPhone 4 to enjoy these zombies to the full! (iOS)

No need to pay double! 2 Apps in 1: Universal App for iPhone AND iPad (iOS)

Get Make A Zombie!

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Make A Zombie for your Mac is available in the Mac App Store!

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