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OrigamiGore, an unusual Castle Defense – now available on the App Store!


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Rosbach, Germany – Skunk Brothers is excited to announce the release and immediate availability of OrigamiGore, an unusual castle defense game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

OrigamiGore, the deadliest and most popular game show in all of Japan chose you as a contestant: You control up to 4 upgradeable turrets to defeat the attacking monsters and defend your castle!

You think you have seen all the monsters out there, don’t you? Well, what about giant lobsters, rabid geishas, angry schoolgirls or mad men in chicken costumes, just to name a few? And guess what? They are coming to destroy your castle!

Build, upgrade, shoot: OrigamiGore is a new and unique castle defense for iPhone and iPod touch, where strategy and dexterity matter! You will need a proper strategy and fast fingers to survive this unique challenge!

Control the turrets yourself, build new ones and upgrade them with various abilities like the egg launcher, the blowfish catapult and more! Power-ups and collectable coins will help you along the way to become the next OrigamiGore champion!

50 levels, 3 difficulties, a survival mode, lots of upgrades and many achievements are waiting for you to be unlocked!

* Campaign with 50 levels and 3 difficulty settings: normal, hard and extreme!
* Survival mode to test your skills and compete against other players
* Game Center with 49 achievements & 5 leaderboards.
* 12 minutes of original high quality soundtrack.
* Spoken commentaries by the moderators Chi-Chi and Hokato, which narrate the gameplay.

OrigamiGore OrigamiGore is available for iPhone and iPod and for iPad (OrigamiGore HD) on the App Store.


OrigamiGore Homepage

OrigamiGore iPhone Game Trailer (YouTube)

OrigamiGore on the iTunes App Store (iPhone / iPod touch)

OrigamiGore HD on the iTunes App Store (iPad)

OrigamiGore Press Kit with several Artworks and Logos (~10 MB)

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